1. Clear Communication

To what extent does the grant clearly articulate the problem you are solving, the solution you want to build, and clear deliverables that you will create as a result of the grant?

  1. Impact

To what extent does this idea impact the growth of the protocol (Volume, TVL or number of users)? How will you measure this?

To what extent does this idea make it easier for developers to build on the protocol? How will you measure this impact?

To what extent does this idea impact governance? How will you measure the impact?

We will also reflect on whether this is the most high impact way to support developers, LPs, users, and other stakeholders compared to other grant opportunities in the pipeline.

  1. Team

We are looking for people or teams that have a track record of success, in or out of crypto. Please include examples of previous work.

  1. Budget

We think about scope based on time it takes, market rate, not “value to the protocol”. If we were to hire a team to build this, how much would it cost?

When the committee reads the proposal, we should be able to understand what exactly you want to build, the problem it solves, what success looks like, and how you are measuring it. Moreover, deliverables should be scoped into milestones that are timeboxed into 1-5 weeks.