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The Stable UGP subcommittee was established in Wave 2 of UGP grants (more information on The Stable’s role and goals can be found here). June 1st marks 1 month since The Stable became operational and we want to give you a short update on activities in the last 30 days and introduce Wave 1 of The Stable grantees.



Grantees in Wave 1 should be well known names from the Uniswap community. Most of them are actively contributing to Uniswap for quite some time, motivated by their seemingly limitless enthusiasm for Uniswap and DeFi in general. We decided to support them and found them a goal they will strive to achieve for the greater good of the Uniswap community.

📢 It is our great honor to introduce them! 📢

Wave 1

We are looking forward to supporting more great initiatives through The Stable subcommittee. List of RFPs and Challenges can be found here (soon we'll be adding more).

All our grantees are active members our very friendly and helpful crypto community in the official Uniswap Discord. Drop by and say 👋!