7 days later and we’re still ecstatic that the next generation of decentralized exchange — Uniswap v3 — has finally arrived! We are especially happy to find that v3 has brought with it noticeable growth in UGP interest: applications have seen an over 50% uptick in the past week!

Keep them coming!

We are extremely excited to announce that UGP Wave 3 is awarding $448,300 to 10 teams, all of which promise to make v3 even more accessible and find new ways to engage the ever-growing Uniswap community.

Wave 3 Grantees are split across the following categories:



RFP & Challenges


Focus Areas

The scope of Wave 3 grants range from making it easier to create automated LP strategies and enabling teams to create Liquidity Mining incentives, to funding an external audit to keep users safe for L1-L2 interoperable swaps (coming soon™). The composability of LPs and TWAP oracles are waiting to be built on. One such example is an implementation of Vitalik's most recent UNI gov post on UNI as an oracle token. These experiments are very much encouraged and we'd love to see submissions trend in this direction!

The launch of v3 opens up an entirely new data set to be experimented with, which can be used to understand how users are interacting with the protocol, its role in the broader exchange landscape, and areas where there is room for improvement. For this reason, we're excited to sponsor $50,000 towards v3 Analytics Bounties! UGP has teamed up with both Flipside Crypto and Dune Analytics to identify some of the best data scientists and dashboard creators to create comprehensive datasets for the entire community. Bounty winners will be fast tracked into a working group for a grant to extend their research further. More info on this in the coming days...

Lastly, v3 is for people. This past week saw community organized virtual launch parties on discord and contributors popping up in the governance forum to discuss new potential proposals. With this latest wave of grants, we're seeking to make governance participation easier through the launch of autonomous proposal UIs, identification of delegates and lobbying votes, as well as lightweight governance for participating in community events.

That's not all...

While we won't provide grants for domains and redirects, we have added updates to our growing list of RFPs and Challenges! Another wave is coming really soon so check them out and apply to tackle them today!