After almost six months, the fourth and final wave of UGP v0.1 has arrived. The Uniswap Grants Program began with a mission to expand the number of people building the Uniswap ecosystem. Among the program’s initial goals were to establish a more robust developer toolkit and to widen the idea of what Uniswap community participation can look like. Though it’s still early, we’ve been enormously impressed by the enthusiasm and quality of work completed by grant recipients.

For Wave 4, we continued in the same vein of awarding projects and infrastructure that are directly beneficial for Uniswap, but also broadly impactful for all of DeFi and even Ethereum as a whole. From the beginning, Uniswap was funded as a public good and still strives to help support public goods around the ecosystem. This ethos is what makes UGP uniquely Uniswap.

The following projects have been awarded grants:






For many grant recipients and bounty winners, building an MVP is an important entry point into Uniswap development. As UGP has awarded grants to the various tools and projects originating out of hackathons and Twitter conversations (Sunny Radadiya, Omni Analytics, DeFi Lab, and Wei Huang), it’s shown how early experiments can become important projects that will positively impact the entire ecosystem.

Looking forward...

While this is the last wave of grants for UGP v0.1, the journey is just beginning for these 14 new grantees and still very much in progress for 24 existing ones.

To all the hackers, voters, builders, community members, forum posters and even the twitter trolls, the UGP committee thanks you for entrusting and empowering us to provide this level of support to our grant recipients.