Round 2 of the Unigrants Community Analytics program bounties is now live! Two new bounties are now open for community contribution with prizes of values up to $1500.

Bounty #3 - Uniswap V2 vs. V3(L1)

Pick a fixed timeframe that you think shows some interesting trends and insights, and provide analytics and commentary on the observed differences and changes in various metrics between Uniswap V2 and V3(L1) during that timeframe.

Bounty #4 - Uniswap Governance

Pick at least three data points that you think reflect the level of decentralization of the Uniswap Governance platform (e.g. UNI holders share, voting participation, voting trends, etc.) to analyze and comment on the trends and changes across different Snapshot off-chain votes and formal on-chain votes.

Check out some resources for how to get started building out dashboards with network data, as well as explore our previous bounty winners’ work

Happy building 👋

Round 2 Dates

Feb 25, 2022: Bounties begin! (4pm UTC)

Mar 11, 2022: Submissions deadline (11.59pm UTC)

Mar 17, 2022: Winners and prizes announcement